Hi since forever

OMG......it's been a LOONG time since i've written.
Life changed.
for one thing..................
I moved!!!! to a two story house in a city nearby (ended up not going to India this year too :P)
I would tell you the city, but I don't want stalkers tracking me.....:PP

First, let me apologize profusely. For you beginners, that means a lot i think. I'm sorry........I've been so busy being bored! 

My summer pretty much sucked except going to Great Wolf Lodge with fam. 

And now I'm in seventh grade. Back in my old city middle skool started in 6th, but here it starts in seventh. So last year I started middle skool and this year I'm starting it again:P

Life is usual and chaotic. (If u don't kno what that means, just go search it up).

Here's my new sparkly favorites list.


Fave color: OK this changed big. From birth till 7th grade, my fave color was pink. I mean, I still like pink but now i like PURPLE better. 
Fave song: What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction
Fave Actor: Imran Khan and Justin Bieber.  Well I kno JB is a singer but he starred in Never Say Never!!!!
Fave Movie: Can't choose.
Fave Clothing: Anything that doesn't make me look fat:P
Fave brands: AERO, Juicy Couture, Guess, Hollister(though i've never shopped there), and Nordstrom. 
Fave Manicure: French.
Fave Food: Hmm....dunno....
Fave Number: 8

thats it for now....oh yeah and pluz click on the title of this entry and it shud bring up a picture.

I'm sorry again.
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Yours, FunkyGirl

Fifth Grade Frenzy

On Friday the 24th of August, we went to Hooray for Hightower(my school's meet the teacher and sign forms day). I got the teacher I want, Ms.Reeve!!!!!! She is so nice and pretty! I first had seats with people I did not get along with but the teacher changed me on the second day. The first day was pretty good and the week went by fast!But now I'm a fifth grader and very mature....Mommy!:) Another exciting(but nervous) :(
piece of news is that I finally did sign up for outdoor school! It is 3 days and two nights...it is my first time sleeping over without my mom......im already homesick!

I am nervous about if i have to go to the bathroom while boating or something
and i went for an open house and there was a climbing wall and when you get to the top you have to turn over and climb down!

I also signed up for choir (without any auditions). In December we will have a tour day. We will go to Beaty early childhood preschool to perform,two nursing homes to perform again, and also do the same at Stonebrook Mall! We will eat at the food court there!Awesomme!!

Winner is my middle name

Yesterday we had a program in my mosque.It has competitions.There was recitation,memorization,speech,nazm(song).... I did everything except nazm.nazm (nuz-um) was too hard. It was Naunihala Ne Jamaat.The tune is REALLY difficult! Well I always get first for speech but this time there was a really good one .... I got 2nd for speech, 1st for memorization and recitation,and an overall (allstar) perfomance award given to VERY few people.The last one was for behavior, attendance, homework,etc. for the last whole year.My parents promised 2 gifts and were so proud...i am too!

Everybody Par-tay!

On Saturday we had a get- together. It was for Malayalam people. There was Amul and a girl named Anju and Nand and a lot of other people. Their parents were there too. "We played stuff".We ordered pizza for the kids from Cici's. It was so FUN with a capital J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

My trip

On the day of our trip, we missed the flight. Only my mom, me, and my two brothers got the next flight....it was my mom's first flight without my dad. It was all of ours.
We were so worried. We arrived at the Las Vegas airport and sat down somewhere. By the grace of Allah my dad got the next flight.We waited in this big room for a long time with little Aiden screaming and running around and falling on the floor. My dad arrived there and we went to the hotel, Homewood Suites. Las Vegas is famous for Casinos and The Strip. Casinos in my family's point of view are bad (sometimes drinking) game places.Las Vegas is not much of a family place. In the strip there are casinos in every building. The strip is sort of a big many building long street with shopping and entertainment and stuff like that. There are giant models of the statue of liberty and the Eiffel tower and famous places like that. On Saturday it was almost my birthday. We went on a gondola boat ride and the rower lady sang songs and talked and even sang Happy birthday in french to me! We were resting in this big hall when suddenly my baby brother ran to a escalator. My dad ran (very weirdly,no offense) and a group of passerbys had caught Aiden in the nick of time. We were so worried...and we were down and the escalator was going down so Aiden could have died before you could say "pasta!"We went to a restaurant one of my best friends recommended called Elephant Bar and restaurant.It was great! It was my birthday in India so my parents surprised me with a sundae with a candle on it. They and the waiter sang happy birthday. You look at my parents!They sang like somebody died.And as for Ian he sang "Happy Birthday to mee!" to himself just to make me feel bad.But it was still awesome!Thanks MOM AND DAD! Happy Birthday to me!The next day we drove to Los Angeles and stopped at a mosque(my religion's prayer place) . We just went to see it because it is like the biggest and prettiest...it was still being built.I lost one shoe so I wore my extra sneakers. Then we drove to Homewood Suites (a different one of course) and rested for a while.It was my birthday!We went to a beach with good waves .We weren't prepared so my nice birthday skirt and shirt got ruined.But we had so much fun! The next day we went to Hollywood. First we went Hollywood bowl and since it was so hot i got a pretty hat .Then i went to Hollywood bowl museum. We also went to Ripley's Believe it or Not Odditorium. It was really cool! I have pictures here (i hope my dad doesn't forget!)
Then we got pictures with people dressed up as stars and Disney characters. All this time our rented car was parked at a one hour parking.It was after one hour! So we raced to our lot and on the way we saw a similar car. Luckily I memorized our license plate number and it wasn't ours.We got our car and drove to another beach with really high tides...my brother almost drowned!Then we ate at Bubba Gump and then drove back to our hotel.We checked out and drove to San Diego.It was so pretty! North , South East and West,where ever you look,beaches!First it was pretty.Then my dad couldn't bear to hear the word beach. So we drove to our hotel,Hyatt,and it was the best place EVER! We are going to use Hyatt now.The bedroom was so pretty and we had a perfect view of the sea and pools.The pools had two large awesome slides and one baby slide. We went swimming that day and rested , ate at Mama Mia and a Japanese restaurant. The next day we went on a nice ship tour to another place.There we rented a four people one baby bicycle and drove around.Then we took a ship back and ate at a seaside restaurant. On the way in there was a statue on a bench.My brother was about to touch him but he moved.It was a man painted silver! We went inside and ate and had a sundae.It was good food.Before on the way there my parents got mad at me.I don't want to talk about it. Well anyway when we came out we got out and took pictures with the San Diego Silverman(the name of the "statue").We laughed and watched every passerby.
He would stand still and when someone came across he would jump and point at them.He nearly sent an old women out of her skin! Did I mention we have to pay to get a picture with him and all the Disney characters and stars in Hollywood? Well he was awesome.Then we went back to the hotel,checked out and returned our rental car at the airport.We didn't mis the flight this time (thank god):) and we returned home safely.

The End

My trip this summer will be...........

This summer I will be having a 6-day trip, July 18th to July 24th.
I will be there on my birthday.
I will try to write in my diary every day and copy it to my blog when I get home.
I don't know the order but I'll be going to Las Vegas,Hollywood,Los Angeles,and California(on July 20th which is my birthday). I think there is one more but I can't remember it.
I hope I will have fun.

And guess what else? Harry Potter the 6th movie is coming out on July 15th....!!!!!!!!!!!

I luvvvvvv Julyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

Drama Queen on the go......

I forgot to tell you,but on Monday, July 6, 2009, something really really really really really really really really really exciting happened.(fur me anyway) Well I never told you but my school has a program for gifted and talented students called PACE. They have a summer camp from 7 to 12 in the morning called SIGS(Summer Institution for Gifted Students). I am in PACE and currently going to SIGS. Well I take the classes Science, Math, and DRAMA. In drama we had a play called to bee or not to bee.
We had auditions for the parts. Okay, here goes...
  1. Wanda is the main bee who wants to be a Honey Bee but her aunt says she got a B-minus on her test. So she tries out for Spelling Bee, Quilting bee,or Drones.At the end a tree tells her she is already a honey bee.(i tried out for her)
  2. Johnny Bee is a rock star helping Wanda
  3. Queen Bee(Aunt Bee) is the queen and Wanda's aunt.
  4. Webster is the Manager of Spelling Bees.It is supposed to be a HE, but the person is a girl.
  5. Spelling Bees are (look above) basically spellers.They spell every last word a person says.Get it,huh,spelling bees?
  6. Sonya is one manager of the Quilting Bees with her Sister Sophie.Sonya has a Texas accent
  7. Sophie is the sister of Sonya and has a strong deep accent. She sings a duet with Sonya.They are both managers of Quilting bees.
  8. Quilting bees are (look above)basically quilters.On stage they hold a quilt.
  9. Hector is the nector inspector.
  10. Roscoe is a rooster.His only lines are "Cock-a-doodle-doo" twice.
I put the characters from most important to least
Oh yeah,flowers have lines too!They are important too.Okay so continue:

11. Granny Smith(more important than Roscoe or Hector) is a wise tree who helps Wanda by telling her she already is a honey bee. She is an apple tree.

12. Flowers are:Bluebell,Daisy,Sunny Sunflower,Rose.....there are others with no lines or names.They are more important than Roscoe or Hector.

SO,now we're done.

The exciting news is that I got Wanda out of like, 60 people! And I dont do anything with drama at my school!.One girl in my school who does a drama program at school and made it to GLOBALS got Bluebell! I did a great job i think! Ask my dad on leavesdelife.blogspot.com